Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Suffer the little children

Matthew 19:13
But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

I am a firm believer in this....

Ainsley is a little girl that I have babysat since she was 5 months old. So I have been watching her for about .... 3 1/2 years.
this is Ainsley December 11,2008
Not sure when this picture was, but isn't she so sweet!?!? 
This was last summer at Jason's works outing to the Rangers game
We even took her to Disney with us two summers ago (she was about to turn 2)....

When Ainsley eats dinner with us, she insists on praying, so even if someone else prays for dinner, Ainsley always follows up with her own prayer....and it normally goes something like this
"Thank you Jesus for our dinner, for our friends and for our family amen"
It is so sweet to hear.
Tonight, however, after praying, she sits up on her knees looks me dead in the eyes and said "You need a baby" I told her that Jesus will give me a baby, and when she said her prayers to ask Jesus for one. And right then she lays her hand on my back, bows her head and rests it on my shoulder and said
"Thank you Jesus for my day, and for my food, and Jesus give Layla a baby, amen"
I can't wait to see the woman of God Ainsley turns into.... a few months ago she was walking around church and asked EVERYONE to pray for her dog. I mean EVERYONE. Well by dog, she was referring to her grandmothers dog Janie. Well, no one knew why she was asking everyone.....last week Jason was talking to Ainsley's mother and told her that the prayers worked, because at the point of Ainsley's prayer request, Janie was very sick and they were sure that the dog was not going to make, the dog is perfectly healthy.
How awesome is that, Ainsley's prayer was so sincere and the requests were in such faith, that no matter how many people genuinely prayed for Janie, Ainsley's faith was enough to show God that the miracle was needed.


  1. Wow! I see ministry work in little Ainsley's future. Our God is amazing! You've done a wonderful job with this sweet baby girl. Love you cuz!