Thursday, November 8, 2012

October 31 day challenge recap

Yes I have been slacking!
I am pretty sure it is intentional!

Last month I blogged about trying the 31 day challenge on "putting the HOME in homemaking" and I blogged about a specifically challenging day I was having.
Well since I keep it real and I don't put up fronts here or at home I am keeping it up....however after publishing the post and a day later reading it again, I thought how real and personal my feelings were that dropped off my screen! Almost to the point of instead of trashing the post I had to make a plan on how to fix the person who wrote that! I decided that the only way for me to make myself feel like more of a homemaker was to NOT blog about it.
Oxymoron much?
Well I decided to scale down computer/iPad time and upscale laundry and kitchen time.
I made it a point to catch up ALL my husbands and my laundry in our room (which I dare say took me two whole days of nothing but loads and loads of laundry!!!) I got all of it done and was able to collapse the pack 'n play that was up in my room acting as a laundry catch all! That pack 'n play was up from when I was watching my niece and nephew over the spring!!!
Procrastinate much?
Then the kitchen.
I made it a point to not sit down and do any crafty things at night until I had the dishes washed, floor swept, counters and table cleared! Guess what...when you don't talk yourself out of it....IT WORKS!
Who would have thunk it?!?
Also in the way of the kitchen....
I managed to develop a weekly menu schedule... And want to guess what about works! Ooohhhhh ahhhhhh!
And I actually LOVE it!
It saves the 3pm stress about - what do we want for dinner? Do we have everything we need? Who is going to the store? Do we have the funds to go? What do we have at home that I can invent?

So that is what I did in October!