Tuesday, October 2, 2012

disappearing act.

So yesterday/early this morning, when  I was creating my 31 days challenge post...I had a huge long post created.
I made a questionnaire that I said I was going to want to fill out every day.
I filled it out for yesterday and everything.

I went to bed at about 5:30am and laid there tossing and turning trying to decide if that is what I really wanted to do. Do I want to commit to such a daunting specific questionnaire? no.
So immediately I sat up, opened the iPad, and checked my blog, and then saw.....for some reason half my blog is gone....ha. Everything from the specifics of my day where I was leading into the questionnaire and then my answers to the questionnaire, gone. Not sure if it is the code that is put in my button...or if God decided I shouldn't commit that much, ha....who knows...

So today is day two of the 31 day challenge.

Lets see what I can get done.

Will report back later.

31 Day Challange: Day 1ish - The basics

So here it is on October 2nd, and I am writting a post that was supposed to be for October 1st.
Why am I late?
Well basically I couldn't make up my mind.
There have been several "challenges" put out there on the world wide web for the month of October.
Instagram has one
Bloggers have several
Twitter has one
you know all the important places..ha.

So it literally took me until about 11pm to figure out what exactly I wanted to do for this month...do I want to blog daily, take random pictures, or whatever....

I picked blog.
I figure with that I can take pictures as well as write about random stuff.

But this particular blog has you choose a topic.
A topic YOU have to come up with.
No guidance.
No rules.
Just you and your subject of choice.

Today has been one of those reflective days.

After an arguement heated discussion with my husband about how I am treating, and disciplining and not being nurturing and motherly, towards my stepson, Aaron...I have had a very internal day.

A plethera of thoughts, both good and bad, have ran through my head.
Why am I the way I am? was the main question....and I have lots of excuses, but not enough ideas on how to change.
so my subject I chose tonight (i.e.early morning) would be

"31 days on how I put HOME into homeMAKER"

but lets get something straight, "31 days on how to sleep in" or "31 days on how to play bejeweled blitz" sounds sooo much easier...ha.

Maybe after 31 days of changing my habits, making conscience decisions, and grinning and bearing the things I try to overcorrect, life will be easier and happier for my family. I seem to be the eyesore that causes Aaron to hideaway in his room most of the time, Jason to feel like a referee, and me to be the offical wicked witch of the west....so lets see what kind of changes I can make by being reminded daily of having to make a Home, homier...

So now here it is, 4:30am.
I am not doing the best of job at getting to bed earlier so I can start my day earlier....
and I have a blood donation appointment at 12:30pm.
It litterally took me from midnight till about 3:45am to make the stupid button for this series....argh....one day photoshop and I will be better friends...maybe that should be my next writting series..how to use and perfect my skills with photoshop"

So here goes, my actual post.