Friday, August 13, 2010

Thirty Flirty and Thriving.

This is a list of 30 things I would like to accomplish during my 30th year. Each month on the 13th (the day I was born) I will update you on my status of each goal.

1. Lose "30" pounds. (0/30)
2. Get my diabetes under control (0/12)
3. Visit my grandmother at least twice a month (0/24)
4. Read three books for leisure (0/3)
5. Complete three bible studies (0/3)
6. Complete 30 sewing projects (0/30)
7. Learn 3 new crafts (0/3)
8. Complete 30 new scrapbook pages (0/30)
9. Do 30 random acts of kindness (0/30)
10. Go on a cruise
11. Complete 12 monthly flylady challenges (0/12)
12. Make a control journal
13. Send out Christmas cards
14. Plan a Christmas gift exchange for Jason's side of the family
15. Have a "sister night" with Veida and Shayda three times (0/3)
16. Learn to make homemade pie crust
17. Learn to make yeast rolls
18. Blog twice a week (0/104)
19. Make caramel apples
19. Get a pair of glasses
20. Go to a pumpkin patch
21. Shop on Black Friday
22. Start a new tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas (0/2)
23. Have two date nights a month (0/12)
24. Activate and use Etsy Account
25. Raise $10,000 for church in fundraisers ($0/$10,000)
26. Seriously track fertility each month so I can have a child (0/12)
27. Plan a birthday party for Jason, Aaron and Alyssa (0/3)
28. Make/eat breakfast at least 5 times a week (0/260)
29. Pray for 15 mins a day (0/365)
30. Make a weekly budget with Jason and stick to it (0/52)

New decade.

So, I am 30.

I thought it would be easy to be 30. I didn't think I would freak out about it.

I remember when my mom turned 30, that day she was helping some friends put together their wedding reception in the apartments club house. When we got her to come back to the apartment for birthday cake, I can just remember her crying and crying as we sang.....she was not the happiest person about turning 30.

The other night, laying in Jasons lap, I mentioned something about being 30, and trading me in for a newer model, and it hit me....!

How behind am I in life.
I am living in an apartment, just got married, terrible credit, no kids of my own........I am behind.

So this year I am going to try and make major strides to get my life in order. They say 30 is the new I have lots to do.
Following this post, I will make my 30/30 list. 30 things I want to do in my 30th year......

30 will be wonderful. I will make it wonderful.