Monday, August 27, 2007


This is me, this picture was taken almost a year ago, however the only thing that has changed would be I now have contacts.
I would like to give a brief introduction as to who I am. A picture will show you, the outside, but most of the time that has no bearing on who you are in the inside.
I tease and say that I am a skinny girl stuck in a fat girl body. My chiropractor says I seriously am big boned, and that a size 8 will never happen for me now or later. I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas. I have two little sisters who are my life. I love them with everything I have. We have had to stick together as a team. We remind each other, when it comes down to it, we are all we have. I have other family who loves me and I love them, but it is something different with my sisters.
I currently live in Arlington, and I will have many stories to share about how I got here, and why I am still where I am...but that is for a later blog. I live with my boyfriend his son, and my boyfriends sister and her family. Again, long story with no ending......later.
I just turned 27, and am not sure how to take this growing older thing. I look back at the last 27 years to think "What the hell have I done with myself...." no real solid answer. I am desperately searching for a new and improved me, only to be discouraged and return to my old life....I am learning that no bottle, pill or potion contains my happiness.
I never get the chance to be honest....not even with myself. I sugar coat everything to lessen the bitterness, I know this isn't healthy, that is why I hope that this blog will let me lose all my inhibitions with my words, thoughts and feelings. I can pretend that no one will read it, so to offend would be obsolete. However because I am a creature of praise, I don't make this blog private because I thrive on people telling me when I have a good idea, my writing is interesting, or telling me that I am the best.....I bask in it.....that's why I am public with my private thoughts.
I have a blog going on myspace however, I have so many family and friends on there, that I don't dare share my complete feelings, in fear someone will take offense or become upset with me. As much as I love praise, I hate sympathy.
This is all I think I can write for the evening.....School starts tomorrow for Aaron (Jason's son) and I have to get up and get him ready for school.
I look forward to our next chat!