Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I once had this super rad apartment. It was perfect. I loved it. Nice Khaki colored high vaulted walls, nice trim, lots of closet space, garden tubs.......beautiful and perfect. And to celebrate this apartment I wanted to buy it something fancy.

My cousin Libby and I worked together at the time, and she introduced me to the wonders that was William-Sonoma. Now being the meager woman I am, I knew I couldn't afford to buy my new apartment something too I went to William-Sonoma, bought hand and dish towels, soap and lotion for the kitchen in Persian Lime (because we all know that I am in constant attempts to get in touch with my roots) but this was not enough....I knew that I needed salt and pepper shakers, so I headed to the back of the store to rummage through the choices.....all of them are gorgeous. All of them but one were out of my price range. But thats ok, because the $15 salt and pepper shakers I could afford were stream lined, and cute. I could imagine having a dinner party in my new apartment passing these shakers across the table to the guests....I was sold.

Immediately upon getting home, I filled the salt and pepper shakers and used them. I was quite content.

The very next day I headed over to the more frugal store called world market.....there I was looking for some kitchen essentials.....but, I found something else instead. the $15 s & p shakers were sold there at world market...for $1.99 for $4 I could have got the same shakers, and saved $11 that for me was a lot of money.....

But it doesn't stop there.....

At almost every restaurant I go to, I see MY salt and pepper shakers.......I could have stolen the shakers from tons of restaurants, little dives, chilis. Italian joints, burger places.......lots and lots of places.....even as I was in Los Angeles last month, I saw my shakers at their exact pair.......

So I guess I should feel special that my salt and pepper shakers are so cool that some Beverly Hills restaurant uses them....

It still me mad that I was sooooo vain as to buy $15 salt and pepper shakers......God sure does know his way around teaching me a lesson in the oddest of ways........touche.
Here are the exact shakers in Beverly Hills......sigh.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

California.part eight.What was learned.

My California posts are over....this is the final one....I have no pictures for this....and it will not really be funny to anyone but enjoy if you want...

1- L.A. does not serve Dr. Pepper ANYWHERE.
2- Belts must be worn wrong....not with belt loops.
3- Take a left, you get to the beach.
4- Hold on with both hands.
5- Do NOT eat phonebooks
6- Do NOT talk to strange strangers
7- Do NOT act lost
8- Do not lick your fingers until you wash your hands first.
9- The water in Beverly Hills, is fresh, clean, and surprisingly free.
10- People on Rodeo Dr do not eat, however, the next street over they eat everything.
11- The only reason a truffle is $50 is because there is Belgian chocolate in it.
12- People want to eat people who belong to PETA
13- You can only shop duty free if you are leaving the states...not state. Not even for the cool bag...

If you followed the California blogs, would you believe that it was only one day long??? I learned a lot in a few hours.

Thanks again Veida.

Monday, February 2, 2009

California.part seven.tired.

While we sat on our last bus ride....we realized we were tired......

Tired of walking....our poor piggys!

Tired of this stupid bus.

Tired of sitting in coach......even though we had not taken off yet in this picture.....

California.part six.what not to wear style

Enough Said.