Monday, June 22, 2009

Not just an ordinary top 5

Top 5 Things I did today...

5 - Got lots of sweet baby kisses from Ainsley. Now she is older, she is understanding things like when I say kiss, she leans in for a slobber kiss.
4 - Ate yummy left overs from Olive Garden. Yummo.

3 - Cleaned up my twister wrecked livingroom.

2 - Chased down the icecream man barefoot on the hot concrete.

1- Announced my recent (as of last night) ENGAGEMENT to Jason. Yes you read correctly, we are engaged. Whew....long time coming, and I honestly never thought it would get here....but it is.

I have actually known that he was going to ask me to marry him for a few weeks. BUT I am old fashioned and didn't want to announce the good news until after it was official. That my dear interpeeps is why I have been absent for a while...because all I wanted to do was tell you about it, so if I can't keep my mouth shut, I had to not be here at all.....
This is my temporary real ring is still being paid for, so until then, this is what my hand looks like.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I will get around to it soon.

I had mentioned a few months ago that I had to blog on my Lufkin adventures....I didn't forget it, I am just having a hard time putting into words the things that I need to say....just keep will come.
This is a blog of "what is to come" I have lots of news, but do not have the ability to share it....but I want to, I am actually busting at the seams....
Some of you who know me, knows what happened this weekend (not bad at all)....but please, limit any comments on the event, because it is a real sensitive subject (can bring me to tears at any point) and the delicate news has to be shared with others in a manner that will not cause family/friend me out.

But oh the things that are on the horizon are so clear ready for news.