Sunday, December 30, 2007

A few things on December

Christmas has come and gone, and the new year is fast approaching...I didn't blog once this December, but I thought about doing it constantly.

Here is a few thing that happened this December....

1) Julie and her family moved out of the apartment, leaving Jason, Aaron and me to have our own little place.

2) Because of Julie moving, I was able to get all of my belongings out of storage!! woot woot, It was fun to see things that have been packed away for almost 23 months. YAY!

3) I had and lost another job, at a moving is what it is....

4) Decided to start selling things on EBay, as well as on info on that to come..

I am sure there are more things done in December....but as it has already taken me 2 hours to type this blog, due to getting dinner ready, cleaning, and such....I am at a loss for more information.

I will be back on tonight or tomorrow to put up new years resolutions and more info on etsy and ebay.....but I have to get the kitchen cleaned up, pack a to go plate for Jason's dad, and get ready to go to the movies with Veida....Kite Runner here I come......