Saturday, May 30, 2009

This is the way we rock

Ainsley is chillin` in the hammock at our saturday garage sale. Sweet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I need help.

I am the worlds worst when it comes to cleaning. And I know I have mentioned it before on my blog, but I seriously need help.
I can clean.
I was once paid to clean.
BUT I get soooo discouraged when things are not going my way...
for example. I hate my apartment.
To me, there is no where to put anything. No real proper storage. I feel cramped and piled on top of myself.
I have things piled in one part of my livingroom WAITING for me to have a garage sale...I have a huge pile of clothes sitting under my bar WAITING for me to wash them, but I have to get caught up on our everyday stuff, that I never get around to it....I hate our washing machine (though I am grateful I have one) because it is a small one, that holds only half a load.
I have piles of coupons for me to organize, I know I can save tons of money if I use them, I have saved almost 80% of my total using coupons, but because I don't have what I feel is the necessary items to organize them, I don't want to do it....I have piles of craft projects some started and forgotten, some waiting and some just imagined.....I have a desk that looks like a black hole, gobbling up anything in it's way.....
I have cleaned, organized and became anal retentive over these things, but it keeps coming back because I get discouraged at the way others don't respect the hard work I have done and can't pick up after themselves.
I know this is just an excuse, but it is one that I can't get over.....

Help me internet friends, how do you stay at home moms do it, how do you have to drive and desire to keep trucking even though piles and messes continue to happen. save me!

Miss proper

I love how her pinky finger is up as she drinks her bottle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

No fear.

She has no fear when it comes to lemons. She cried when we took it away.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Layla`s torture

A bow bigger than her head! But it's just about the sweetest thing ever!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Over listening

This is the conversation at the gas station....
Me: mmm icecream sounds good.
Few seconds later
Me: will you go in and get me a drumstick jason?
Ten minutes
This is what I get.....I just wanted a drumstick icecream.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I feel defeated...

I wake up and find this on my recently swept and mopped bathroom floor.
Do the men and kids in your life do this to you too? And if so do you get defeated too? Or are you like Julie (Jason's sister) and clean it without care to who did it....but just because it is just something that has to be done ....
Did I mention that when I feel defeated I either whine complain and cry about it.....or ignore ALL messes until I get over it...or fight with Jason about it (he lived with Julie for many years and is used to no whining approach to cleaning..... I on the other hand am used to you mess it you clean it method....a foreign concept to the residence in my apartment.)