Thursday, October 30, 2008

Takio's Toy

We bought Taiko a fun new chew toy.....It is bigger than he is, but you wouldn't know by the way he attacks the thing...and I dare you to try to take it from him.


Do you remember when I told you about the website that Texas remember the website that tells you if you are owed any money...

Well, Jason had some money coming to him...and we got the check this week...

It couldn't have come at a better time.

We pay our tithes at church, we pay offering....and with $0 to our name, we were in between a rock and a hard place....and just as our faith became shakey and wavered, we got the check in the mail.

When we got it, I ran from the mailbox home to call Jason and tell him of our blessing. I sayed my thank you's to Heavenly Father....I cried a bit....said some more thank you's....and then we went out to eat. ha...

Thank you Heavenly Father!
Lesson you learned from this pays to listen to Layla....
What are you waiting for, go check and see if you have some cash coming....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It might be fall time....ask the fireplace.

Just in case you were worried about my fall is what my fireplace looks like for is the only festive decorations in the house, everything else is cluttered and messy...I need to get on top of that.

My Jackson Boy

The following are the emails I got on Monday morning....and it led to me having a euphoric stoked yay kinda day....
"Morning!! Drew and I were wondering if you ever do any baby-sitting anymore? I know that you have a lot going on with your own little family, but are you ever able to get away to do some baby-sitting??Drew and I need to find someone to come to our house and watch Jackson on the night of the xxth (November) so that we can go to the Coldplay concert. Let me know if you have the time or are even interested.Jackson specifically asked about you : ) "
and after I said yes....this is her response....
"I am so excited...and I know that Jackson will be too!! We had told Jackson that we were going to ask you....even when Denice said she would come over, Jackson told her no and that his "cousin"Layla was going to come over and play. Too cute : ) We were just crossing our fingers that you would actually be available and interested in coming over.
You can't even understand how much I love this little boy. It was and continues to be love at first sight.

I stayed all night and into the early morning to be there when the family can see the baby, after Liz gave birth the day after Christmas (other than doctors, nurses and mom and dad, I was the first person to hold this cutie after I know I am his favorite.) When I held him for the first time I cried like a baby...he was breathtaking...(and already too cool for the world, love the gansta pic!)

Here are a few times I babysat him, and we took pictures together....he was very willing.

Not that these are the most recent of pictures, honestly they are all about a year old or so (the first one a few years old..)...but still, I love him...see.....

I love My Jackson Boy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

PreSeason Game And Live TV

Veida and I went to the Dallas Mavericks PreSeason Game....we had fun.

I had a busy day doing..errr...I mean helping...Jason finish his final project for a class....Jason had his final to take Thursday night, so even though she wasn't feeling well, Veida was a trooper and wanted to go.

We ate food....and more food....made fun of people....yelled at the Mavericks....

The Mavs lost....but it was just a preseason game, surely they will go all the way this year.....*crosses fingers* We have decided that because we were so high up, the Mavs couldn't hear us yelling at them telling them how to play the game, so next time, we will just have to sit closer.

And we attempted to crash the News Broadcast at "Victory Station" aka American Airlines Center. We were there with lots of drunk people from the game...we didn't have success, but it was fun yelling and screaming for their attention.

Friday, October 24, 2008

We should have joined...we are just that crazy.

My mom had given me tickets to the Shrine Circus for my birthday, so we went last weekend. Above are the pictures I took while we were there enjoying ourselves. Thanks Mom!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Sarcastic Thank You...

Dear Person Who Has My Cell Phone.....

I hope you are loving your newly found blackberry as much as I did.
Thank you for being an honest member of society, and contacting me through the friend who I kept having text you, as you have my phone.
Thank you also for allowing me this opportunity to utilize the insurance on my phone to get it replaced. Heavens know that I pay into this program, I should be getting my moneys worth. Never mind the $100 that I have to pay to get my bb replaced...(you may say it is cheap for a blackberry, but I may have to argue seeing as I already HAD a blackberry.)
Please enjoy the games that were loaded onto my blackberry, and good luck beating my brick breaker score of 16,110 at level 29. I worked hard for please appreciate it and don't clear it and reset the score.
As you get acquainted with all of my friends and family that are in my phoneboook, please let them know that I will soon get a replacement. It will just take a little time since the economic strain is hurting everyones pocketbook...tell the to email me if they need me. It might be a few weeks.
Also, as you have my phone. Please talk to Shayda every day for me. Make sure she is happy, and ask her about her day, let her vent, and tell her over and over that you love her....also let her know I love her.
Please take care of my phone, use it like a blackberry should be used....and please pray that the phone my insurance ends up sending me isn't a crappy refurbished one.

Thank you for not returning my phone...


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Letter And A Tongue Tragedy

Dear Candy Makers,

Could we all come together, and create/invent/perfect the art of candy making sans air pockets. My tongue would appreciate you, and I would probably buy more blow pops. If my request is overlooked, I guarantee that I have witnesses to my disastrous run-in with air pockets, it is documented with a picture (please see attached), and I have already had medical counsel.

My Aunt is a part of the Pre-paid legal, and I will sign up......consider your self warned.

Thank you for your time.


The Actual Story:

Sitting tonight with some friends, we were discussing a few religious topics (it was a bible study, then a doctrine exchange) I was sucking on a piece of candy...

when it got to a point of an air pocket, we all know what happens when you are sucking a blow pop and you come to the air pocket....


but because I had a heavy tongue on the the air pocket presented itself.....

it slid roughly against my tongue, causing it to cut, and start bled so much that I had to suck on two wet paper towels before it would quit pouring out....

Everyone laughed and asked me how it felt to be a lizard...and could I make both parts of my tongue twitch in separate directions....ha ha.

It hurt...

I went to CVS to grab some toilet paper, and I asked the pharmacist if i should put ambesol on it to help with the pain.

All the man did was laugh at me and called me silly (in his own pharmaceutical way) and told me that the tongue is the fastest healing part of the body and by the end of the night, it should just feel like a little cut...and by tomorrow it should be gone.

I didn't believe him...until I was trying to take the picture of it, and now you can barely see it....though I still feel it...and am sucking on sonic ice...


My Columbus Day Sick....

Julie, and her two girls came over today, to cheer me up with a yummy sandwhich from Dino's. (If you are in Arlington, you must try die for.) And for the afternoon, we sat around playing hair shop...and I was the beautician.... but I got all my tricks and knowledge from

This is Jasmine, she is 5, and very very very cute for her age...she saw me doing Alyssa's hair, and begged Julie to let her me do her hair....

Alyssa's hair wasn't too fancy, she wasn't into it today, she just wanted two piggy ears, with a side split (meaning the part was caddycornered"

This is Shayla, Jason's neice. She is 8, and very tender headed, she is the one that kept saying "Jasmine, your hair is just not cute, it is 'da bomb"

And this is Alyssa a few days ago....another style I found at