Thursday, January 13, 2011

30 in 30 January Update

1. Lose "30" pounds. (10/30)
2. Get my diabetes under control (0/12
3. Visit my grandmother at least twice a month (7/24)
4. Read three books for leisure (0/3)
5. Complete three bible studies (0/3)
6. Complete 30 sewing projects (2/30)

7. Learn 3 new crafts (0/3)
8. Complete 30 new scrapbook pages (0/30)
9. Do 30 random acts of kindness (30/30) - helped a family out for the whole month of September, and it looks as if it will continue on for months, also is continually helping a single teenage mom, plus other small random acts...
10. Go on a cruise
11. Complete 12 monthly flylady challenges (0/12)
12. Make a control journal
13. Send out Christmas cards
14. Plan a Christmas gift exchange for Jason's side of the family
15. Have a "sister night" with Veida and Shayda three times (0/3)
16. Learn to make homemade pie crust
17. Learn to make yeast rolls
18. Blog twice a week (17/104)
19. Make caramel apples
19. Get a pair of glasses
20. Go to a pumpkin patch (never had the money or had the money and not a kid to go with)
21. Shop on Black Friday
it was just for hats and gloves for the parade of lights, but it was still shopping.
22. Start a new tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas (2/2)
Thanksgiving - we went around the room and told everyone what we were thankful for, cheesy and ordinary maybe, new to us, yes. Christmas - we adopted a child from the angel tree at walmart and bough Christmas for them. This is something I NEED to do each and every year.
23. Have two date nights a month (3/12)
24. Activate and use Etsy Account
25. Raise $10,000 for church in fundraisers ($430/$10,000)
26. Seriously track fertility each month so I can have a child (5/12)
27. Plan a birthday party for Jason, Aaron and Alyssa (1/3)
28. Make/eat breakfast at least 5 times a week (30/260)
29. Pray for 15 mins a day (8/365)
30. Make a weekly budget with Jason and stick to it (0/52)

bolded is being worked on
red is not going to happen
strike out is finished

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in review

Alyssa turned 9, she had her birthday party at a local skating rink. (Skating is a big thing this year; Pawpaw took the kids skating a lot)

I made cool sugar cookies for valentines. We went to Jason’s coworkers for the super bowl….I made more sugar cookies!!

We had TONS of Snow!!! Oh how wonderful it was! It was funny that the snow happened at the end of the month.
I sold my Mazda 626, it was a sad day!
I went to Ladies conference

My mother moved in with us. She was having a hiccup in life and needed support.

Jason went to Mens Conference and came back with a renewed spirit.

We had our first official family vacation. It was completely orchestrated by the Lord. He arranged for Jason’s co-worker to GIVE us his timeshare, and it was big enough to take Jason, me, Aaron, Alyssa, Tracy, Hershal, Dray, Julie, Shayla, Jasmine, and Ainsley. On top of the timeshare in Celebration Florida, my cousin Farid worked at Disney, and was able to get three people into Disney for free (each day we wanted to go) Farid also got us free parking at the parks, and he was a great tour guide. We bought two tickets off of craigslist, for super cheap, but then we found out it was military passes. You have to have a military id to use them. As soon as we walked into the park, I found someone from the military who was willing to help us redeem the tickets. The Lord is amazing and awesome.
We drove safely to and from Disney, and my husband who has never traveled, got to see the South.
We got to visit my cousin Reza, his wife Sandra and their two precious girls

My mom moved out, and life started returning to normal.

I turned 30! Eek.
4 days after my birthday, my little sister had her baby. My little nephew Nikolas Marine Dima was born. He is too precious.

Aaron turned 14 and we had a skating party for him as well.
A friend of Aaron’s stays with us a lot, as well as his little brother. We make sure they get to school on time. Their family lost their apartment, and needed help.

Our family started helping out a girl from church, she is a teenage mom who is trying to go to school. I watch her son in exchange she is to go to church anytime the doors are open, as well as make good grades and not get into trouble.

Jason and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. And the day after the anniversary, we had the lapband surgery.
Thanksgiving was fun.
On Thanksgiving day, we went to our friends house. Corrine and Scott were getting married two days after Thanksgiving, and had some family in town and needed help with Thanksgiving Dinner. Our family dinner we hosted at our apartment on Friday, we had 20 plus people in our small two bedroom apt.
Friday after thanksgiving we took my Grandmother to downtown Fort Worth for the Christmas Lights parade.

We had a fabulous time this month. Lots of Christmas fun and we tried to develop new traditions.
We had a smaller Christmas dinner…and had my Grandma stay with us for a few days. I had a bad stomach bug a few days before Christmas….yuck.
We ushered in the New Year at church. Exactly at midnight I was praising and worshipping and thanking the Lord for another year.

Happy New Year!

This picture is absolutely hands down my favorite. My grandma is the best!

I will do a 2010 recap for you tomorrow. Yay for 2011!
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