Friday, August 28, 2009

This is my bed...

When we don't have Matt over staying on the couch...this is what my bed looks like 99% of the time.

Why you ask

Well you see Jason is addicted to sleeping on the couch. He attributes this habit to his childhood, and the numerous times he stayed in motel rooms and at his grannys house... It feels more like home.

At first it irritated me that he chooses the couch over snuggling. Then it made me sad. Now I have got to the point to where I don't really care. The laptop, papers I am working with, books I am reading and the remote are all beside me.
It irritates him when or If...... I should say... he does come to bed to have to clear it off.
I look at it this way, I get all the pillows all the covers and all the space of this king sized bed.

But let's say I want to break him of this habit..... How would I go about it? Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Best friends from the start.

We have a new friend

Ebele is our new friend.
She has started full time with Ainsley and me this week. Ebele is 6mo old. She is a chubby ball of sweetness. I am trying to get her to like me better than she does Jason....but I am not sure it will happen.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today. and news.

I am 29 now.
In less than a year, I will be 30.
I am not who I thought I would be at my age.
Not saying that I don't like me. I am just different.
Happy Birthday to me today, August 13th.

Sad news:
On Monday the 10th, I got a call from someone asking if I had a dog named Taiko. I said yes. He told me, Taiko was found dead on the street. He had ran away (the second time this month), and got into the street, got ran over and died. A rottweiler was found next to him, I would like to think he was trying to help Taiko. Maybe they were buddies??? I cried more about Taiko than the kids. It still makes me sad.