Friday, February 18, 2011

30 in 30 February update

1. Lose "30" pounds. (10/30)
2. Get my diabetes under control (0/12
3. Visit my grandmother at least twice a month (7/24)
4. Read three books for leisure (0/3)
5. Complete three bible studies (0/3)
6. Complete 30 sewing projects (2/30)

7. Learn 3 new crafts (1/3) -we are refinishing my grandmothers old dresser, I have never sanded and stained anything in my life....
8. Complete 30 new scrapbook pages (0/30)
9. Do 30 random acts of kindness (30/30) - helped a family out for the whole month of September, and it looks as if it will continue on for months, also is continually helping a single teenage mom, plus other small random acts...
10. Go on a cruise
11. Complete 12 monthly flylady challenges (0/12)
12. Make a control journal
13. Send out Christmas cards
14. Plan a Christmas gift exchange for Jason's side of the family
15. Have a "sister night" with Veida and Shayda three times (1/3)
16. Learn to make homemade pie crust
17. Learn to make yeast rolls
18. Blog twice a week (18/104)
19. Make caramel apples
19. Get a pair of glasses
20. Go to a pumpkin patch (never had the money or had the money and not a kid to go with)
21. Shop on Black Friday
it was just for hats and gloves for the parade of lights, but it was still shopping.
22. Start a new tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas (2/2)
Thanksgiving - we went around the room and told everyone what we were thankful for, cheesy and ordinary maybe, new to us, yes. Christmas - we adopted a child from the angel tree at walmart and bough Christmas for them. This is something I NEED to do each and every year.
23. Have two date nights a month (3/12)
24. Activate and use Etsy Account
25. Raise $10,000 for church in fundraisers ($600/$10,000)
26. Seriously track fertility each month so I can have a child (6/12)
27. Plan a birthday party for Jason, Aaron and Alyssa (1/3)
did not plan alyssas, tracy did
28. Make/eat breakfast at least 5 times a week (40/260)
29. Pray for 15 mins a day (10/365)
30. Make a weekly budget with Jason and stick to it (0/52)

bolded is being worked on
red is not going to happen
strike out is finished