Monday, March 31, 2008

Some things to say........and some things to do...

Veida is planning her wedding, and I am doing my duty as Maid of Honor to help....we went to a flowershop a week or so ago to look at options for the big day.....There were many pretty flowers, but she couldn't find the right kind....she is looking to say simple, sweet, and classy...without saying cheap and cheesey......with all the available flowers, we loved the Gerber Daisies.....they had all sorts of spring time colors with all the different styles....she wanted to do pink and green for her colors, but she is now leaning towards spring time colors.....but this bouqet i am holding in the picture is what she bought.....and she is thinking that is how she wants her bouqet to fun.

This past weekend, I went to Corsicana back to my aunt in law's spa, for round two of laser hair hurt worse this time because Denice upped the laser strength.....ack....but....this time she got laser happy and started to remove the sun spots on my chest and shoulders....from all the years of carefree, babyoil and sun-in at poolside. Only if the laser worked on my fat, we would be in business! lol.

Has anyone been watching the tlc program "I can make you thin" if so, what are your thoughts on it? Have you tried the techniques? Does it work? Is it only mindcontrol? Do you feel brainwashed? lol......let me know.

Okay well Easter, I just got Aaron a basket of candy, we colored eggs the day before at his cousins I didn't have to deal with the Bunny or any of his shinanogins......we had lunch at Veida's and dinner at Grandma's..........I love my little cousins!!! So freakin cute!

Today I had a lot to do....long to do list......but because of monthly abdominal cramping, I choose to say no.....stay curled up and whine to myself......I did get a few things done, and I have to babysit tonight, so I can get more done then........

I have a job interview an eye clinic....I am trying to get back into the medical feild...I loved loved loved loved my job at Alliance Ambulatory Infusion Center.....I don't know if it was the small company feel, the working with family, or the authority I held, I just loved loved loved that job......and now I think I am subconsciously trying to get that feeling back....ok it isn't in my I wouldn't be looking for a job really if I had constant daily babysitting gigs....but I guess there is no health insurance, 401K, or pto to be had with off to full time I go.....ha ha.

I am thinking about joining a swap, it is a apron swap......but I have to make an apron, and I don't have a sewing machine, nor the know-how.........I bought some fabric off ebay, for what reason.......who know, to start a collection, to add to my already abundant clutter........I am still thinking......anyone know where to get a cheap sewing machine??

Okay, so I think that is enough rambling for now.....time to get off of the couch (ugh) and in to the kitchen (ugh ugh) and cook some dinner......(Ugh Ugh Ugh)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter Question

Aaron does not believe in the Easter Bunny, ToothFairy, Santa....etc...... So how am I supposed to handle the upcoming Easter Sunday, as far as dying eggs, and baskets are concerned.... I figured that I will dye the eggs anyways, so I can have deviled eggs for lunch as my own personal tradition has developed, but do I fill his basket as a sweet suprise, do I still have him hunt for the eggs for sport......what do you think? He is 11 years old, but is still young at!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Laser Day

Laser Hair Removal.....

Not what I expected!!! Not in the least.

I didn't get pictures for a few reasons.....

1) I am vain....and can't stand to let anyone see my ridiculous goatee....and mustache....

2) I forgot

3) I was going on two and a half hours sleep....

4) I was too excited about my pedicure.....

I got to the spa that is owned by my Aunt in Law...ha ha...and my Aunt Denice was all geared up ready to zap my four day chin growth....(The night before the lasers, I had dinner with Jason's brother and sis n law, I was mortified about the sight of my chin!!) I got rubbed down with numbing cream, my aunt decided that she wanted to zap my ever growing moley/freckles and sunspots as well as heavy hair growth close to what would be a guys sideburns....I laid down...and it happens. She put tape over my eyes, and you hear a loud noise, then a zap, a bright light and pain....I couldn't feel myself smile, I couldn't feel the cold of the goop she put on my face right before the laser.....but Idid feel the the places she got really numb with the cream, it didn't hurt as much as it was just acupuncture gone wrong.....but....the places that were not as felt like she was holding a lighter to my wasn't nice. She had to do some spots over again, because she is new, and I am the guinea pig, her "teacher" supervised and showed her where she didn't zap long or hot enough....And, not that I really ever had this or knew what to expect...I didn't think about the smell.....I don't know if it is because I am fat, or this is how everyone's skin smells like when there are hot "lazerbeams" on their face, but it smelt like overcooked almost burnt bacon...

Well, despite my wishes, the lasers don't burn off the hairs right sngines them enough to easily fall off as their growth ends.....blah...I want immediate results! ha....and the freckles.....well they will "flake" off within a weeks time, so they say.....

Today has been exactly a week.....

I have noticed that my chin does not have as much hair as it did, I am keeping them groomed, but there are not so many trying to grow back.....(My aunt has said that there will have to be about three more get all the growth cycles) I still see the freckles as dark scabby kind of things, but i have seen one or two of them change into a light sunkissed look.

I will gladly go back, and go through that will be worth it to feel like a complete woman, and not have a manly chin...


Saturday, March 8, 2008

My week thus far.


Went to get Jason a sports coat and slacks...he looks handsome. I will post pictures soon!
I have been going to church with Jason....and their service is oh so totally different than that of what I am used to. I had an experience at his church that has left me feeling confused, and delighted all at the same time. Basically, I asked for understanding (while I prayed) and I think I got is hard to describe and I am not sure how to put it in words...but I am glad that no matter where I am, if I ask Heavenly Father, he will be sure to help me out!


This is the day we started Aaron's "Roll of Quarters" Here is the deal....Aaron is getting to the age where he is wanting to act grown up, but not face the piper when he doesn't pay attention! He seriously could not pay attention to save his life most the time! I can't tell you how many times I have to repeat myself with this kid! His problem is so bad that he is constantly getting in trouble at school for not paying attention! (I personally think he has ADD but I am not a doctor!)
Anyways, I am tired of repeating myself, Jason is tired of repeating himself, and we both are sick and tired of him getting in trouble at school! So Jason decided that we are going to pay Aaron $10 each week, BUT every time we have to repeat ourselves, or he gets in trouble for not following directions, he will owe us a quarter. So if he was really good, he gets ten dollars at the end of the week........yeah....first day, he paid me a dollar!
We went to dinner with our friend Whit. I met her years ago at a party, and Jason had known her too, she has recently been coming around and hanging has been fun! We went to Razoos.....yummo!
Jon and Kate plus 8....thats what I it sad that I can't remember much else...ha. I think this is the day it got super cold. Was it.....I can't remember!


Aaron came home from school early because of what he said was a stomach issue....he was acting just fine when he got home! Veida and I went to breakfast together, then we ran an errand....after that I hung out with Jason while he was working from home. I cooked hamburger helper for dinner, and Jason's brother came over to look at a car we are going to be buying from
Biggest Loser! Love it...Watched it....and I am sad that Bernie went home.... I wish Kelly would go already! She is so whiney! ACK


I traveled to Nacogdoches with my grandma to hang out with my little sister while my dad went to Alaska. She is 14 (soon to be 15 and is proud of it, so if you call her 14 she will argue that in a few days she will be 15 so she might as well be called 15) and is spoiled rotten! I love her with every fiber of my being...and I am sure I am a part of the reason she is spoiled, but I have learned that I am no longer her influence. She used to look up to me and Veida for our music taste, our clothing style (or what we thought she would be cute in), our attitudes, our people loving personalities.....but now....she lives miles and miles away, she is treated like the only child. She has freedoms I didn't dare ask for at her age. When I was 14 (almost 15) I did nothing but go to Seminary, School, Yearbook, Church, or Work (Mr. Jim's Pizza on the weekend for extra cash). She has a boyfriend, who is almost 3 years older than her....I don't like him. She comes and goes as she pleases for the most part....she wears cool clothes....she sings like and angel.....she has the skinny figure I wanted at her age....she is popular.....and cute....but, she has quickly become more like a spoiled teenager than not...I miss the sweet thoughtful Shayda, not the one who answers my grandmother with "whats up" instead of a "yes ma'am".....but she is the baby, my dad I guess is understandably trying to prolong her growing up....


Spent the day with Grandma, we hung out at the house and I did the laundry I brought with me..we drove around Nacogdoches, picked Shayda up from school, went to WalMart, I cooked Strogenoff(Sp?) and watched Shayda at a school choir rained and rained and rained here, and got super cold....I was stupid and wore flipflops, then stepped in a puddle....a big one that could be mistaken for a small pool. I am smart! I think I heard rumors that it snowed in the DFW area.....ha ha


It snowed here in Nacogdoches, but by the time I woke up it all had melted...I didn't mind, I slept pretty good! Shayda woke me up at 6am telling me she couldn't go to school today, because of a headache, I let her stay home, but I think it was all a sham!
I finished up laundry, watched Little Women with my grandma (she loves this story and has used the characters of the movie/book to name her dogs, she had a beth, amy and jo.....) I took a shower and went to dinner with Jason's brother and sister in law, they are fun....we went to a Chinese restaurant and it was yummy, then we spent the next two hours in their suburban chit chatting about the world. They enlightened me on the subject of my boyfriend and the rest of their family! Good times! Now I am sitting here blogging and I should be in bed! I actually still have a to do list to complete! ACK!

Tomorrow, I am going to my aunt's sister's (I call my Aunt in Law)spa to be a guinea pig for laser hair removal..I have a horrid case of chin hair, it is so bad that I have to shave....I used to pluck but it grew uncontrollable. It makes me feel like a freaky fat bearded least after it is all done, I can just be a fat lady. ha. I am going to be the person my aunt "trains" on. My aunt is a nurse, and she helps my Aunt in law out at the spa.....but for insurance purposes, my aunt has to "train" on the lasers even though she has done it before and is quite experienced. I may be a guinea pig of other things as well, I was hoping for micradermabrasian (sp?) and maybe removal of a few moles......but we will see. Tomorrow, I will have my aunt take pictures of my beard, then take after shots of my new smooth face.....I am so excited! I have had to let this crappy hair grow out...and I feel self conscious about it! Come on 9am!!!!! I also have to go babysit for a lady I met of craigslist....we have a meeting and "trial run" for a babysitting gig.....she has twin one year olds.....we will see how it goes

Anyways, off to go back to my to do list.....pack my stuff, pack the car, wash the dishes, go to sleep. I will post more tomorrow!

OHHHHH and if you got all the way down here and really care to help...I am curious on how many people view this mundane blog thingy I leave a comment even if it is just to say hi.....but if you need a reason....what are your suggestions on getting an 11 year old boy to listen to you.......