Friday, January 30, 2009

Tummy time

Tummy time!!! Ainsley is playiing more on the floor. She is getting closer to crawling....she will get up on all fours, and rock, and rock, and attempt to start crawling.....then she lays on the floor and scoots....she can turn in a circle on her tummy is super fun!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

California.part five.the waiting game.

Here we are STANDING on a super over-crowded bus, having to bump into each other...and listening to the ramblings of the Santa Monica crazies and drunks....take for example, the young 20 somethings who were discussing the PETA's president supposed dying wish is to be canablized as her final protest to the world.......and with that the young Santa Monican said he would eat her......
Okay, so they were drunk....but still....thats what we were bumping into....

Here Veida and I are sitting....waiting....and waiting....oh did I mention we waited? yeah....for the bus to take us back to the airport shuttle........we waited.

California.part four.Our goal is met.sort of.

The point of going to Beverly Hills was to eat lunch with the stars.....Once we got to Rodeo Dr. Veida and I were STARVING. You would think that we just hiked from LAX to BevHill, although we felt like we did, we were not in starvation mode, literally, it just felt like it.

So we walked down Rodeo Dr. We saw all the fancy smancy stores, but we did not see all the fancy smancy people here eat??????

We turn on a side street.....and we literally stop at the first place we smelt food.....

Prego had a few of their waitstaff standing in the patio area, I guess attracting customers. Well I asked them if the food was good, and the man said of course. I was sold! We went in.
The first thing I notice when we sat down were the salt and pepper shakers. Weird you say.....that is typically the first thing I look at....Why you ask? Well, that story will be told later....just know they have these same shakers at Chilis too.....
This is us waiting to put in our orders....
I ordered the Cesar Salad, and a lemonade.....they didn't serve Dr.Pepper!!!
Veida ordered the Cheese Pizza.....

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We shared the salad and the pizza....Veida drank water, and me the lemonade.
Everything tasted fresh off the vine, yummy and was good and worth the money....
Our bill that we split was about $30. Not bad......McDonalds is cheaper, but we were in the Hills, so we had a delicious high-class lunch.....for the price of a average class dinner......I would eat it again!
And by the movie stars at lunch with us.....

A New Discovery

Today I learned that Ainsley has found her tounge. She is sticking it out.....and as she sticks it out she will bring things to her mouth and lick them rather than chew on is cute

New Toy

I bought Ainsley a exersaucer of craigslist for $10. It was a deal I couldn't pass up! She loves it....and since I feel that I may be spoiling her.....this gives me a way to play with her without holding or picking her up! Fun for all!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

California.part three.Rodeo Drive


So we got off the bus as soon as we saw "Beverly Hills" we should have waited a few blocks...because we walked and walked some more...
But we made it.

We walked around Rodeo Dr and figured out, that just because the big fancy stores says 75% off.....we still can't afford it. *sigh*

Oh and also, just for the record, Beverly Hills. it's not as pretty as the movies make it out to be...and we didn't even see one celebirty.

California.part two.mass transit woes

We get into LAX (The airport in L.A.) and we have to figure out what exactly we have to do to get to Beverly Hills.....We get shuttled to the bus station, and there we run into a guy who seems a bit odd, and later we figure out he is a loitering bus bum who helps people figure out which bus to get on in hopes he will get a tip out of it....
We find blue bus 3, and figure it takes us to Wilshire Blvd. Well thats what the crazy man said, So we get on it.....and find that we are in for a ride.......the guy sitting next to us, was in a leg brace, eating the blue government pages of a phone book, which was half gone, I am guessing in his stomach....
Then there was a guy (pictured below) who sat in quiet prayer, but dressed to the gospel nines.
We were a bit scared, but excited for our adventure to come.

Veida waiting for the shuttle to take us to the bus station.

Here we are scared.....and nervous about the people around us.
I didn't get the guy in the cast. but check this man's tie and hankerchief...sweet.
So we get off of the bus, because they made us......(end of the route). Luckily we were only a block away from Wilshire blvd.
We were basing our estimate of where Beverly Hills was by the movie "Pretty Woman" And since Vivian called Kit to tell her she was staying at the "Wilshire Beverly Hills" we thought we were close.
So we start walking....
and walking....
and walking..
we didn't have a map.....we had a bus route with a psudeo map on it.....and according to that map, we did not hardly move towards the goal of Beverly Hills....we thought we were lost.
So we stopped at a bus stop, and figured we would get on it and pray it went where we wanted.....
A lady stopped at the bus stop and chit chatted with us about the weather, her hiking trip, and that she was from New York originally....she got on a bus that came by, that was not headed to Beverly Hills......grrr.
So we started walking again
and again
and again...
Another bus stop, we waited.......we got on the red #6 that WAS going to Beverly Hills. YAY!
Here we are tired and waiting for a bus.

California.part one.first class

Veida and I decided to go to Las Vegas for a day trip because on my birthday she had given me a sister trip to New York....however, New York is sooo cold, we thought a bit of the Las Vegas Strip would do us good.
HOWEVER......because we were sitting standby, the flights were all we had to forget Vegas, and we decided that Los Angeles would be off we went.

This is Veida and me in the shuttle bus from the parking to the airport....

Here we are waiting to see if just maybe we could make it to Vegas....

We learned we couldn't get on the plane to Vegas, but we made it first class to The City of Angels.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We decided to leave.

Baba is quite modest...he actually have rathered we not be there. But....we went.... so we decided to respect his original request, and we left the night of his surgery, after we got to see him in the ICU.
We stopped and ate at James Coney Island.....if you have never had don't know what you are missing....Veida didn't like it, because I forgot to tell her they put mustard on it....and Jason requested I bring him a dozen home...he says they reheat well.
If you have never heard of it, you should google it. yummo! (They are only located in Houston)
Peace-Out Houston....Take Care of Baba.

We See Him!

****WARNING**** These images may be disturbing to you if you have never seen anyone post-surgery

And finally....we get to see Baba.. He was still sadated, however, he wanted to see what he looks like when he is under....I am going to go ahead and post a few on here, so you can understand how nerve-racking it was to see him...
This is right after we saw Baba, discussing what we are going to do...stay another night in Houston, or go home.

The Waiting Game

How we played the Waiting we wait for Baba to get out of surgery.....we started the day off tired...and goofy.

We played Yatzee....A lot....oh and checked the millions of messages
on Veida's phone. And I forgot my Mp3 player, so Veida shared hers...

George donates platelets....I tried but had a low Iron count....blah.

Veida chases pigeons outside of the hospital.

We ate at McDonalds TWICE (Breakfast and Lunch) The lady with the rainbow hair argued with George about eating burgers for breakfast....she won....he had breakfast...she offered to stay with us and keep George in line....they are best friends.

And we chit-chatted with our step-mom Karen.