Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Baby or Bust.....(Infertility Journey)

WARNING......there are talks of womeny topics like sonograms and periods....if it makes you uncomfortable, stop reading now.

So here it is, out for the cyber world to know....I want a baby. I crave a baby....my body aches for a baby anytime I hold one.....and since I babysit my baby niece, it is almost daily.

With that said, I went to the doctor a year and a half ago and he told me I needed to lose about 30 pounds and my body would probably give way and get one made....I have lost almost 40.....and nothing. The doc said the next step was to do Clomid....and that was as far as I went with the doctor. I was afraid of taking the medicine, I have read several blogs of women who did  not have any luck with the medicine....I got scared and avoided even thinking about it.

Being 31 years old, I am thinking that I am going to be a 70 year old mother of a 10 year old.....and that just doesn't sound fun to me. I want to have a baby soon, and seeing as my husband is about 7 years older than me....we are not spring chickens....so the Clomid meds that scared me a year ago, seems like the only logical route, seeing as I haven't conceived on my own...

I changed doctors. My sisters ob/gyn does all the things the specialist was trying to do, but he does it in office, which makes my copay cheaper....and Veida had a friend who was having a hard time conceiving, and with this doctors office, she conceived quickly....sounds like a good record to me. I am on board.

Two weeks ago, I went in for my new patient/yearly check up, and I also wanted to talk about infertility..The doctor we will call him Dr.Magic (because hopefully he will make a baby appear out of no where like a magician would do) was not hesitant to help me out. We began a game plan and I went on my way.

All I had to do to start this plan was to have a period.
that's all.
but guess what.
According to the ovulation calendar I have on my smart phone, I was supposed to start two days after my doctors appointment....but I started my period a week late.....which gave me a week of agony, because I was trying to get on with this....was God playing a joke on me??? grrrr.

So Friday Feb 3 I started....and of course it was bad and painful and I wanted to cry every minute especially the minutes I had to be out of bed......sigh.
I was thankful for the period....I got to call the doctors office.
Infertility Nurse Debbie told me that I had to come in at 730am on Monday for a sonogram and game plan...

Monday (day 4 of my cycle) I got to the doctors, paid my copay and went in for an internal sonogram. She took lovely pictures of my uterus and each ovaries. She even asked me as she was taking and labeling the pictures, how old I was.....all I could think of is "why, how old do I look in there" but she didn't seem too chatty so I didn't bug her with that question.
She took me to her desk after the sonogram and proceeded to tell me the ins and outs of what I needed to be doing for the next few days.
I have a specific chart of things to do, such as...
Day 5-9 take clomid orally
Day 8 get sonogram w/ iodine to check fallopian tubes
Day 11 start using ovulation kit
Day 12, 14,16,18 have intercourse, unless I detected ovulation, then have it twice in a row.....and immediately call the office to report ovulation.
Day 14 have another sonogram done by Nurse Debbie to check egg development....

Now, two things come to mind during my explanation of all of this.
1)babies consume A TON of time even BEFORE they are conceived....
2)babies are EXPENSIVE even BEFORE they are conceived.

but at this point....it's whatever it takes.

I am going to be documenting my journey for a few reasons....
I want to remember what it took to get the babies I pray for...
I want to connect with some of you who are going through the same thing....
I want to be a marker for someone out there who is going to be going through this later, so they know what I experienced and paid for, and had to go through....maybe I can help others...

And if you are not comfortable reading this, I am sorry, but in the blog post title, I will do my best to remember to put (Infertility Journey) so you know that the post is going to be about....

Here I go.......consider this blog tagged with the shoe polish on the window... BABY or BUST.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, cousin! I'm praying for your journey to provide you with the end result quickly and effortlessly.....well, effortlessly to the extent that it isn't any fun. *wink* God has a plan for you! Love you!