Monday, November 4, 2013

Thankful #4 2013

This is not the best picture, I was trying to zoom my less than par iPhone camera from the sound room of our church...
But none the less, I wanted to share this picture because it is my two favorite people in one picture..... Joseph and Katrina.

Joseph is a hardworking, honest, sweet, service oriented servant of God. We share the love of many odd things, have our own inside jokes, and can pretty much laugh at about and with each other at any time. His passion for all things Holy is astounding and in fact I learn more from him than he knows.

Katrina is my sweet friend. She can make me smile just by listening to Christmas music no matter if it is the season for it or not. Katrina was my "navigator" on a trip across the country....and we are such good friends we could bring laughter to any situation at pretty much any point.....She works hard for the kingdom of God, sings beautifully, and despite a rough emotional childhood, her strength, trust in God, and devotion to seek His will gives me hope.
So all in all.....I am thankful for the relationships I have with the newly married Joseph and Katrina Phillips.

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