Monday, April 22, 2013


Ha, much like me diaries as a kid, I get to start this one like this....

"I know it has been a long time, I am sorry, I have lots to catch you up on"

That's always fun!

Well, looking back to from November to now, I want to say not much has happened, but, again, a whole 5 months worth of stuff has happened.

I don't have a lot of time to break down five months, but I do want to update you on one of the most important changes...

We have refocused our efforts.
Instead of IVF and all the infertility stuff, we are redirected to adoption.
A BIG leap of faith in my mind, only because I really want my a child of my own. I want a little baby I can compare my baby pictures to...I want someone who I can say "stop acting like your daddy" or you have your grandma's nose....but...I had a moment a few summers ago while we were at a conference for the youth of our church, it was a moment I will never forget, but I obviously didn't hear the Lord loud enough.
But in that moment, I was directed to adoption. At the time, I was thinking that the Lord was trying to tell me that we should adopt all the kids of our lives into our hearts as if they were our own, when in fact He was telling me that Jason and I need to adopt. ha.
It only took me two years to have my "Ah Ha" moment and refocus my desires.

I will post more about that experience later, but, I just wanted to touch base and formally/publicly declare this focus shift!

There it is.

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